Video content has the power to inform, inspire, and CONNECT TO your audience.

Together, we can create effective visual content for your organization that clearly and authentically communicates your unique message and story.

My job is to help make your idea come to life through video production. 
We will develop video content that not only looks beautiful, but has heart.


What can we do together?

Video takes your organization to the next level.
Quality visuals will connect you to your audience better than any other medium.

Through beautiful images and powerful soundbites, we can develop videos
that align with your unique, engaging story.

I personally am invested your vision so that we can work together
to make your vision come to life.


documentary-style storytelling

brand + creative

Corporate + commercial

Weddings + Events

The Creative Process


In video production, there are a few steps to create effective content.

The process begins with a consultation. We will outline the best style of video and type of production for your needs; we look at timelines and costs, and then move into these three phases:



Together we will create great content. We identify your message, develop scripts, visuals, and plan the production your video. This process makes for successful content that will work for you. Time and dedication to this stage is key!



It’s important to have a talented team of creatives to work together as we make your video come to life in the production phase. This is the part of the process where we see the vision come together through the lens.



Finally! We can put our puzzle together. After all our hard work, the editing process is where we take each shot, soundbite, and graphic and mold them together to effectively communicate your message and draw in your audience. 

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We love working with our community within Mid-Michigan and the city of Lansing.
This is our home and these are our people.

If you have an idea, we will travel anywhere in the world to make it come to life.