documentary-style filmmaker | storyteller


I have a curious heart and a creative eye. I love natural moments.

Crafting stories, to me, is a beautiful privilege.

My greatest intention with my work is to share stories that enlighten and empower. 
I hope that the video content I produce has a voice of its own. That it moves, educates, and revitalizes; just as it transforms me as I shoot, edit, and share it to others.

Video production is about building relationships and working with the stories,
organizations, and issues that connect us together.




& me personally,

I love to spend time in nature, backpacking or hiking. Most of my time revolves around eating; farmers markets, cooking, looking at recipes, thinking about food, etc.
I am in the middle of reading twenty or so different books.
My Spotify is filled with playlists for every season, mood, and new adventure. 

Most of my Sunday mornings I spend in church... in the back, at a table, taking notes and sipping coffee. Overwhelmed with grace.
I read a lot of articles, listen to a lot of NPR, and I am constantly gathering inspiration as I try to inspire others in my work and in my daily existence. 

But most importantly, I have an amazing partner to walk with me through life. We have two feisty rabbits and an adorable bulldog puppy.